Clarion On-line

The April 2021 CLARION is now at the post office (a day early) and I am posting on-line as well. You can access the on-line copy using the links below.

You may click on the link below
April 2021 CLARION 
or on the image below, and please enjoy.

You will see on page 5 an article – “A Nightmare on Elm Street?” A March 18 Selectboard meeting prompted that article. That night the Road Agent stated his plan to widen Elm Street by eight feet along the Common (most likely on the west side of the roadway) thus removing trees, and damaging root systems of those not removed. At that meeting the Road Agent was asked to return with a plan on April 1. I asked to be involved with that plan, and as yet (March 29) have not been invited.

With this previously unknown plan, I alerted the public to this possible irrevocable desecration of Walpole’s Town Common and surroundings using CLARION and Facebook posts. There were over 1,000 reads of that message in just 36 hours, and as a result about 80 Zoom attendees at the March 25 Selectboard meeting, several attendees hosting several people in the room. Starting the meeting, the Selectboard chair stated no decision had been made. I then read a statement with required studies and recommendations into the minutes. I urge you to click below, and read what I stated.

Statement to Walpole, NH Selectboard
25 March 2021

This looming problem has not gone away, studies, and public input are needed before any work is begun. At the March 25 meeting all attendees (save one) indicated they were not in favor of any change to the Common and its surrounding appearance. That one individual, who works for the Road Agent, stated Walpole is no longer bucolic, and the widening and tree removal should go forward.

Please, please, voice your opinions now by email, phone call or visit to the Selectboard office, or a Selectboard member. And, plan to attend the April 1 meeting. The Zoom link will be posted on the Town website ( ) around 2PM on April 1st – under Residents, then click Town News. I will also share it via CLARION and Facebook posts. Thank you, yours, RAY

PS – My next post (check back tomorrow) will have some good (actually fantastic) news for Walpole, received today, after the April issue was done. That news (and hopefully more on it) will also be in the May issue.

Deadline for the May CLARION is Friday, April 23

Thank you – RAY BOAS, Publisher

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