Beware of Scam Calls from Walpole Numbers

I just received the following email. Since I had two of these Walpole number calls today, it certainly seemed worthy of an alert. The stated mission of The Walpolean is “Keeping the community up to date on community issues”, and this would definitely fit the bill! Thank you, Debbie. – Lil

Hi Lil,

This is something you might want to warn people about on the Walpolean. I’m probably not the only one getting calls.

I’ve gotten a few calls that appear to be from a Walpole number, from individuals with an Indian accent who start by asking, is this Deborah Hutchings, and then say, “This is Alex (or Jennifer, or another name) from Medicare, calling to see if you received your new Medicare card.” This is a scam! Medicare doesn’t call people. Anyone receiving a similar call should just hang up. I also reported the fraud yesterday.

Here are some articles about the fraud:

~ Debbie Hutchings

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