Super Site for Vaccines

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Vaccine Super Site This Saturday 

I was told that as of this writing, a “Super Site” that will be running in Loudon this Saturday April 10 has many open vaccine appointments available.

For those of you who do not mind driving, and who want to move your shots up from a later date, go to the vaccination site, in if you have an account, or create an account if you do not have one, then type in the Loudon zip code (03307) you will see the appointment availabilities at “New Hampshire Super Site.” 

The downside is, of course, that you will have to drive to Loudon, and will have to return there for your second shot unless you can find an appointment in the system closer to home.

Fair warning—some of the Super Sites have had long waits, but then others have not.

Wear your mask, keep your distance, wash your hands, and keep well.

~Representative Lucy Weber

603 499-0282

2 thoughts on “Super Site for Vaccines

  1. Pam Bernard 04/05/2021 at 6:53 PM Reply

    Thank you, Lucy, for this and all the ways you work to help us. Pam Bernard


  2. bill03608moses 04/06/2021 at 8:50 AM Reply

    I understand that it is the J&J vaccine so can not go if its your second shot of Pfizer or median. Also no one under 16

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