Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes – 4/13/21

Present were: Gail Lahaise, Amy Howard, Kate Nerrie, Jean Kobeski, Susan Johnson, Tim Lester, Bill Ranauro, Jane Malmberg, Peggy Pschirrer, Shirley Capron.    

Absent:  Jeanne Ramey, 

The Meeting commenced at 4:30 p.m. with Amy doing a roll call of members present with a show of hands.    

Approval of Minutes:  Tim moved, Jean seconded, all approved (8-0) the March ’21 Minutes with a show of hands.   

Treasurer’s Report:  On April 8, Kate e-mailed her report for March ’21 to all.   Re, she said she had no comments.  

Bills:  On April 7, Jane e-mailed her March’21 Bills Report to all.  There were no questions re.   Amy moved, Gail seconded, all approved with a show of hands (8-0) both the Treasurer’s and Bills Reports. 

Old Business:  Jane reiterated at length her April Library Report she e-mailed April 8, along with “Monthly Library Statistics” to all.   

– She said $750 was received in memory of Nancy Shepard.

– Library visits and checkouts are increasing.  

– The IEP Workshop went well and hopefully there will be more collaborating re in the future. 

– There will be two adult programs in May; two Wed. evenings in a row:  “Fostering Communities on the Topic of Race.”  The “Cookie Bake Off” is an additional Library program being offered. 

– All are pleased to learn there was no vandalism with the exhibited papers for the “Story Walk” in the North Walpole Park.  S.W. is discontinuing now because of plants in the way, and there may be another spot for it in the future.  

– Fritzie Till, with Jane, will be starting up a Seed Library again, hopefully this spring/summer.   

– Many overdue items exist.  Amy said we encouraged people to keep their borrowed items during the renovation time, and because of the COVID Pandemic.  Jane said she will e-mail and call delinquent borrowers.  Bill inquired about an Amnesty time. Jane said there are no charges when material is returned, just as long as it is.  Tim suggested, when contacting overdue borrowers about returns, to say that he could pick up the overdue material if they could not make it to the Library.  Bill said he could pick up needed returns also.  Both Tim and Bill were thanked for their offer re. 

– Quarantining is comfortable with the staff and it is still being reviewed. 

– Staff consensus was had re opening back up for regular hours in Walpole, spreading out visits, letting kids back in the Kids Room with adults, and older kids on their own, all if they were vaccinated,  

– Jane would like to think more about the Branch opening in June.  Amy said the COVID case rate in N.H. is bad at present, but we might see an improvement in a couple of weeks.  

– Gail inquired about gathering in the Community Room. Jane said meetings are open to the public and that there are no specific guidelines for libraries re.  Peg said we are under the Governor’s mandates and that we may hear more in a couple of weeks.  Amy said we have a month to decide if we meet in the Library for our May meeting, and she will obtain a concensus from all Board members re.  Kate agreed we should wait on deciding. She, Jean and Amy declared their support with Jane’s decision. 

Building & Grounds:  Brad said the light on the pole was working, that it must come on when it gets dark, and that it might not have anything to do with the problem. 

– The locksmith is to come tomorrow about the problem door. 

Tim has experience with locks and said he could help re. 

– Jane is contacting Bellows about the chimney leaking in her office. There have been no new leaks with it wrapped in plastic, but we need to fix it this summer.

– Jeanne is working with Jenn Burr about replacing two trees.  She also is consulting with a road agent re.  Gail inquired as to why two trees are needed.  Amy said Walpole Town is losing trees in certain areas and that it would be nice to have more greenery. 

Old Business:  Amy said that the wording on the recognition plaques needs to be finalized. Shirley will e-mail Amy and Gail with the number of years Rose worked. The plaque for Rose will be hung in the Branch.  

New Business:  Amy filled out the “Trustee Survey” to return to Jane by May 5, or to the State Library as requested. Jean did, and other Trustees will do so also. 

– Electing Officers:  Responding to Amy’s remark about electing officers yearly, Kate said elections of officers and committee members are usually done after Town Meeting in March.  Tim and Peg recommended it be put into the By-laws.  Bill said the Historical Society has it in theirs and he could check re.  Sue said she will investigate those in Massachusetts.  Amy said we can figure out the process for the next Board meeting and that she will draw up a draft policy to put in the By-laws.  

– The annual schedule of Board Meetings was discussed. Amy suggested sticking to the present schedule in the By-laws re. 

– Jane declared that a Library Selection Policy is needed as she cannot find the one that supposedly exists.  She wants to have one in case the Library is challenged, and is happy to work on one that she can present at the Board’s next meeting. 

Operations: There is an orientation for new Trustees and there is a spring meeting that looks good to attend virtually. Info re will be sent to all. 

– Tim and Bill should have the Board’s “Policies of Government.”  Amy will send to all Board members, an electronic copy including the “N.H. Library Trustee Association Handbook,”    

– Amy asked Jean to send to all Board members and to Jane, a new roster of Board Members with their home address, phone number, and e-mail address. 

– Sue inquired about re-opening.  Amy said it would be nice to have an event re and to start thinking about it, remarking “No action now, but an opportunity to return to normalcy.” Tim suggested that when we know when it is safe, to have a Grand Opening. 

With no further business, Amy moved to adjourn, Sue seconded, all approved (8-0) with a show of hands at 5:38 p.m. 

Faithfully submitted, 

Shirley Capron, Secy.

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