“Magical Wonders” on Display


And the house includes the walls of The Restaurant at Burdick’s.  

Walpole resident, Cheryl Frez Bencivenga, is being featured on the walls of The Restaurant at Burdick’s through the end of May.  The collection is titled “Magical Wonders” and includes a wonderful selection of paintings that may be purchased through the restaurant.

“Playing with impressionist colors that are lovingly applied with the use of acrylic paints.  It’s a blessing having this outlet that brings me joy during this challenging year of pandemic isolation.  These paintings offer vistas that provide an opportunity to feel a sense of magic, warmth, wonder and excitement as seen and commented on by many who view them.  My goal is for my audience to feel uplifted when they view my paintings.  Let your imagination soar!”  

Please make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Cheryl’s “Magical Wonders” collection at The Restaurant at Burdick’s.

Tom Goins

Managing Partner & Co-Owner

The Restaurant at Burdick’s & Walpole Grocery

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