Library Trustees Meeting – 5/11/21

Present were: Amy Howard, Kate Nerrie, Jean Kobeski, Gail Lahaise, Susan Johnson, Jeanne Ramey, Bill Ranuaro, Jane Malmberg, Peggy Pschirrer, Shirley Capron.

Absent:  Tim Lester.

The Meeting commenced about 4:40 p.m. 

Approval of Minutes:  Gail moved, Jeanne seconded, all approved (8-0) the April ’21 Minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: Kate distributed her report for April ’21 remarking that all is going well, that money is coming in as expected, and is not leaving fast.

Bills:  Jane e-mailed her April ’21 Bills report to all May 6. She said that there was nothing out of the ordinary.  Amy moved, Gail seconded, all approved (8-0) the April Treasurer’s Report and Library April Bills.

Old Business:  Jane said there is only one entry so far for “The Cookie Bake Off” Contest and there will be on-going entries until this coming Saturday.  Monday starts with voting.

– Eight people signed up for the “Talking About Race”Program.  

– The scavenger hunt event went well.  As a result 17 new library cards were issued.

Branch:  Electrical outlets were installed.  

-Two new computers were installed and are working.

– New wifi was installed by Consolidated Communications.

– Good progress is being made on books there.

– Jane wishes to remove some chairs and bookshelves that will open up the space for programs.  The Board discussed storing them or bringing them to the Reuse Center.

– Looking into purchasing a new rug. Amy is happy to help Jane pick one out and transport it.  Jane is to let Amy know what size they need.  They can also measure for new curtains. 

– A new sign is needed for outside, also one for the Walpole Library. Discussion followed about the type of sign needed for both Libraries. Jeanne will call Frank Hawkins, sign maker, re.

– Advertising the Branch’s opening, Monday, June 14,will be stated in the “Clarion,” “Walpolean,” “Walpole Town Library Newsletter” and Bellows Falls “Shopper.”  Regular Branch openings will be Mon. 1:00 – 4:00 p.m., Tues. 3:00 – 7:00 p.m., Fri. and Sat. 10:00 – 1:00 p.m.

In answer to Kate’s query about Children’s Books,  Janesaid there is a small collection to begin with that she will bring there. 

Nancy Shepard Memorial Contributions:  Jeanne asked what the money will be spent on.  Plants were mentioned.  Amy requested to be informed about how much has been received at the June Board meeting.

Memorial Plaques:  It was decided they will be wooden. Amy, Gail and Jeanne decided on the final wording.  Amy will print out the necessary verses for them before Jeanne attends to having them made.

New Business:  Jane e-mailed her April Library Report to all May 6. She spoke at length about the issuing of library cards to individual non-resident borrowers.There were several examples given.  The Marlboro N.H. Library is undergoing restoration and inquired if Walpole would allow their patrons to borrow books from Walpole.  It was agreed that this was fine.  In instances where local people, but not Walpole residents, want a card for a fee that is OK too. Non-residents who work in Walpole can always get a card.   Where we had concerns is when people from afar want a library card and want to use library services.  Jane gave an example of someone from N.Y. wanting to use services.  She directed them to their local library.  The Board agreed this was a good course of action.

Amy e-mailed May 6 to all Board Members an adoptionto section ‘B. 1.1. Election of Officers’ in the “Policies of Government” she sent previously in an April 28 e-mail.  It reads, “A Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary shall be chosen annually at the first meeting following the conclusion of the Annual Town Meeting (usually held in March).”  Amy moved, Jeanne seconded, and all approved (8-0) the new language.   Hence, individual nominations and votes were had for each officer presently officiating to retain her position.  All approved (8-0).

– In the same April 28 e-mail, Amy included a copy of the N.H. Library Trustees Association Manual, “A Guide for Library Trustees. 2016.”

Jane e-mailed to all May 6, her “Collection Development Policy” that outlines ‘Goals and Objectives,’ ‘Gifts and Donations.’  She said it is pretty simple and that she will redistribute the final Policy at the next Board meeting in June.   Kate moved to accept it as written, Amy seconded, all approved (8-0).

Re-opening for small groups was discussed at length.

The size of the room was determined to have the capacity for 12 people.  Gail asked if the Board canmeet in that room. 

– Gail also asked if all staff were vaccinated.  Jane provided that information.

Operations:  A key for the back door was produced.

– Jane said she is working on summer meetings.  

Building & Grounds:  Jeanne said the Grounds look gorgeous and in particular, the cherry tree in front.Jeanne said the two trees ordered for replacement are due to arrive.

– The outside light comes on at night.  A new light will be obtained from Houghton because the present one is not dependable and it doesn’t match the décor.  She added that there are specific bulbs for specific weatherconditions.  Jeanne said she will call Houghton re.

Technology:  The Branch has two new computers.

Friends:  No report. Selling of plants for the Library is being done on its front porch. 

– Not sure if the Friends plan to have a Fall Book Sale.

Zoe and Lynn Reed have been doing a great job with the books at the Reuse Center.

Other: May 6, Jane e-mailed her “Monthly Library Statistics” for April to all.

– When asked about overdue materials, she said there have been good results with getting books back and for those that have not been returned, we are going to consider those lost.

With no further business, Gail moved to adjourn, Jeanne seconded, all approved (8-0) at about 5:15 p.m.

Faithfully submitted,

Shirley Capron, Secy.

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