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COVID by the Numbers-June 21 Edition—Evening Update

And with this evening’s update, I am glad to report that Walpole now has reported currently active COVID cases.  There was 1 new reported case in the county, so currently, there are known active cases in Keene, Fitzwilliam, and Swanzey.  Hospitalizations are now down to 17.

COVID by the Numbers-June 21 Edition

For once, the news is all good, so I thought I would pass it on, in case you missed it.

Cheshire County just changed from yellow “Moderate Risk” to green “Low Risk.” 

Currently, there are only 4 reported currently active cases of COVID in the county.  The cases are located in Keene, Fitzwilliam, and yes, Walpole.  The last Walpole case was reported a week ago, so I am hoping that our number drops down to zero soon.

Statewide, the number of active cases has dropped below 200 and is now at 196, for the first time since March of 2020.  Hospitalizations are now at 18.

All of this is wonderful news.  We have worked so hard to get here.  There are still some really nasty variants out there, and we are still not at target goals for vaccination, so continue to be careful and assess each new opportunity for social interaction according to your circumstances.  But we are making real progress.

Hope you are enjoying the summer!

One thought on “Up-date from Lucy

  1. Joanna Andros 06/24/2021 at 4:22 AM Reply

    Thank you this is indeed progress! Joey


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