Historical Society Opening August 14th

The Walpole Historical Society will open for visitors on Saturday, August 14, from noon to 4 pm with new exhibits in newly refurbished galleries. All visitors are welcome and, as always, there is no charge to visit the museum.

Visitors will be met with some of the most interesting and distinctive objects representing the heritage of the Walpole community.  The museum has been the scene of much activity during the quiet months of this past winter and spring, so that the amazingly varied holdings in the collections can be presented. The first floor galleries have been plastered, painted, and polished.  Artifacts have been conserved and display systems updated.

Objects on display range from the 1700s to the present day – made of wood, silver, china, paint, paper, steel, silk, cotton, and iron – fashioned into furniture, musical instruments, weapons, clothing, plates, cutlery, tools, paintings, and statues. The thousands of objects in the collections recount the commercial, agricultural, governmental, residential, artistic, literary, and religious history of Walpole in both flourishing and challenging times.

The shop at the museum will also be open during museum hours, offering candles and napkins, maple syrup from the McGill Farm, as well as postcards, pictures, books and other items.  There are also some surprise additions and great values for the home, children, and gifts.

The Walpole Historical Society will remain open every Saturday from August 14 through October 9. Visits at other times can be arranged by contacting walpolehistoricalsociety@gmail.com. Updated information can always be found at www.walpolehistory.com.  Volunteers to help staff the museum are always welcome. Parking is available behind the museum. 

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