Zoning Board Agenda – 9/15/21

Zoning Board of Adjustment Agenda

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Meeting at Town Hall

7 pm

Roll Call: Appointment of alternates if needed.

Minutes: Review minutes of August meeting.

Old Business:

Public Hearing No. 1: Special Exception Signage: Doug and Laura Palmer: 308 Main Street, Tax Map 24, Lot 13, Commercial District, Article Article IV, No. 9 Special Exceptions. Smart Power Sports retail and commercial storage in former RN Johnson building. Sign 33-inches-by-22-inches will hang off the road side of the building. Distance from edge of traveled road.

Public Hearing No. 2: Variance Building Addition: Peter and Kimberly King 46 Dearborn Circle, Map 12, Lot 55-12, Residential B, Article V C.2 distance from middle of the road. Build a 20-foot-by12-foot-addition to home. 63 feet from center line of the abutting right of way.

Report on how public hearing went with the PB to approve two amendments to the ordinances and then be placed on the warrant next March.

Jan and Myra went to Select Board meeting to discuss an email system for the Board. They will report to board on their discussion.

Next meeting October 20, 2021.

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