Change of Pace from Lucy – 10/4/21

About Those Redistricting Maps…

Hi everyone, 

No COVID by the numbers for a while.  The NH DHHS web site had significant problems for a week or so, and then the weekday updates resumed about three days ago.  However there is still a significant backlog, so every day the Department reports the number of new cases and then revises the numbers for previous days.  It is unclear whether the backlog numbers are being included in the averages I get from another site, but my first clue that might be the case is that currently the statewide average is less than the average for every single county, which I am pretty sure is a mathematical impossibility.  In addition, NHPR is reporting that NH DHHS is actually undercounting the vaccination numbers, because of difficulty with the reporting of vaccines by pharmacies.  So no numbers until I am surer that they will be reliable ones.

In the meantime, I offer you this link to the proposed Redistricting maps.  This web site is not a model of clarity, either, as the General Court website is being rebuilt and the maps were not posted until this afternoon, but start here:

Ignore the “As introduced” section and page down to the “Committee Maps” section.  There you will find maps proposed by both the majority and the minority for the NH House, the Congressional districts, and the County Commissioner districts.  I am not commenting further on the maps, because everyone tries to keep politics off this bulletin board, but I wanted to provide the links so you can find the maps and look at them for yourselves.

I will just add that as to the NH House maps, none of these presentations is a model of clarity, and it is mathematically impossible to comply with all the US and NH Constitutional Mandates, so all the House maps are imperfect.  Each of us will find some maps are at least less imperfect than others.  Bear in mind you cannot just “fix” one portion of a county map without messing up the rest of the county; every shift you make has a waterfall effect on every other town and ward in the district.

The public comment sessions are scheduled to be heard in person in Reps Hall at the State House, starting at 10:00 am on Tuesday, November 9, and at 5:00 pm on November 10.

Take good care and stay well.

~Rep. Lucy McVitty Weber
217 Old Keene Road
Walpole  NH  03608

Cell: 603-499-0282

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