Library Trustees Meeting Minutes – 4/12/22

Present (By roll call attendance):  Amy Howard (Chair), Kathy Nerrie (Treasurer), Gail LaHaise, Susan Johnson, Bill Ranauro, Tim Lester, Sarah Mann, Erin Bowen, Jean Kobeski (Recording Secretary), Jane Malmberg (Library Director), Peggy Pschirrer (Selectboard Liaison)

The meeting was called to order at 4:34 p.m.  This meeting was recorded.

Approval of Minutes: Tim moved to accept the minutes of March 14, 2022 as written.  Amy seconded, and all voted in favor.

Treasurers Report:  Kathy reported that we have spent less than a quarter of the budget to date, so we are under budget at this time. Money is coming in when we expect it.

Bills:  Bill asked if there are any seasonal expenses.  Kathy said there are some gardening expenses, but they come out of a separate account.  Certain bills come due at a particular time of the year, such as moveable stack maintenance.  Jane added there is a quarterly copier usage bill and in the summer we tend to spend more on programming.  

Tim stated he is glad the fiction will be moved out of the moveable stacks. Jane said she will weed out the collection then switch it with non-fiction, DVDs, and oversized books. More people browse fiction at the same time, and patrons have complained that they have had to wait to get access to the moveable shelves until another patron finishes. 

Peggy asked Jane how she decides which books and materials should be weeded out. Jane replied that she follows standard library procedure, looking at the age of the materials and how recently they have been circulated, retaining those that are classic/relevant. 

With no other questions or comments about the bills, Amy moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report and the Bills.  Kathy seconded, and all voted to approve them.    

Old Business

Signs:  Tim showed a photo of a wooden sign crafted by Signworx, which costs $6,000 and doesn’t do what we want it to do. After a lengthy discussion, Amy said we could take our requirements to Signworx and ask them to make a proposal for the work. Ideas to present to the sign maker include: 

​1.  Have a 2-sided metal sign (to be perpendicular to the road) made with changeable ​​​letters and a glass cover. One side would show library hours.  The other would publicize events.

​2.  Have a template with days of the week but with changeable hours. (Sarah)

​3.  Have a wooden sign (with posts) to put above the metal sign. (Kathy) The wooden ​​​sign would have the library logo and name of the library. 

Amy said the subcommittee can meet to discuss these ideas, get dimensions, and draw up a plan to present to Signworx for a proposal.

Logo/Branding: Sarah said the survey is going very well. Julie is gathering results until the April 15th deadline.  She said a summary of the results will be available after that date. 

Sarah referenced the creative brief that she emailed to all trustees.  It is a document which will be presented to prospective graphic designers.  She welcomes input from trustees but feels confident that the committee members who drafted it have been thorough and have made requirements for the designer very clear. Receiving no comments from the board, she stated they will move forward with the brief as written.  

Jean asked for a ballpark of what a designer would cost.  Sarah responded roughly $3,000.

Sarah said it may not be possible to finish the logo before Old Home Days.  The trustees agreed that the project should not be rushed. Tim asked if there is a budget for the logo project.  Amy said there will be one once they get proposals. It was also decided not to go to Signworx until the logo is complete.

New Business

AED:  Jane stated that it will be necessary for the library to purchase an AED, if we want one.  She learned from the Safety Committee that it will cost $1270 and there will be a training session on May 10. 

The board talked about current locations of AEDs.  Erin stated that the community AEDs are only available (to the public) while the buildings in which they are located are open.  During off hours, 911 should be called.

The board wondered if there are grants available for the purchase of an AED.  Kathy suggested contacting local banks.  Jane said she would pursue sources of money. No decision regarding the purchase of an AED was made.

North Walpole Lease:  Jane said the North Walpole commissioners are open to a two-year lease.  They asked her to draw up the lease;  Peggy asked Jane to give it to her and she would have it done.

Old Home Day:  Jane expressed interest in having a table on the common for Old Home Day.  Ideas for what could be presented at the table:

​​• Summer reading program information

​​• Library cards

​​• Library swag

​​• Magnets with library hours

​​• Crafts

Jane presented the idea of a float, but she also mentioned that many libraries are doing Library Drill Teams. The Library Drill Team does a routine with library book carts. The trustees were very enthusiastic about that idea.  Jane said she would talk to the staff about doing that in the OHD parade.

Expanding the Substitute Pool: Jane asked to expand the library’s pool of substitutes, perhaps adding one or two more.  Peggy stated she could work with Sarah Downing to get the job posted.  The Selectboard will need to approve the salary.  Jane said there is already a job description on file;  Peggy suggested she talk to Sarah to make sure the description is correct.  

Kathy asked if volunteers could act as substitutes.  Jane said that is against the law.

Operations:  Jane credits Julie’s efforts to make community connections with the increase in patron visits to the North Walpole Library.  

Jane reported a good turnout for the Great Decisions program on April 8th. May’s topic will be Changing Demographics. She is pleased that Ben Hoy will make a presentation, “Throw Out Less, Recycle More” on April 26th, right after Earth Day.  He will talk about the Walpole Recycling Center and answer questions community members may have.

The library has secured a Reimagining School Readiness grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences, which will provide training for Julie and over $500 worth of materials to use in library programming. Julie said she is excited to learn more about getting children ready for school.

Buildings and Grounds:

Chimney:  Amy said a request for proposals for chimney repair will be sent out.  Tim suggested contacting Andy Westover.

The Front Door:  The board has selected Mark McGills’s proposal for the front door.  He requires a deposit before he begins the work.  Jane said she would get a purchase order to Town Hall tomorrow.

Copy Machine:  The copy machine in North Walpole is not working. Susan said she will donate a printer from her father’s home to replace it.

The Friends:  Jane submitted a wish list and will attend the May meeting to discuss it.  Jane said Carol Malnati stepped down as chair of the Friends.  The position will be shared by several members. Jane hopes to find one member, though, with whom she can consistently communicate.

The Friends will have their annual book sale at the end of October.  They are planning to have their plant sale at the reuse center this year.  A few of the trustees asked Jane to encourage them to have it on the grounds of the library, as it has traditionally been done.  Kathy asked Jane to find out where to donate plants.  

The trustees went into Executive Session at this point to discuss personnel. 

Adjournment: At the end of Executive session Tim moved to adjourn the meeting.  Gail seconded.  Amy adjourned the meeting at 5:49 p.m.

The next meeting will be May 10, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jean Kobeski, Recording Secretary

** These minutes are in draft form until approved at the May 10, 2022 meeting.

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