Distant Hills Nature Trail – 4/22/22

Native Tree and Shrub ID on Distant Hill Nature Trail

Fri, April 22, 2022

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Join UHN Extension Forestry Specialists, Matt Kelly of Cheshire County, and Mike Gagnon of Hillsborough County, on Friday, April 22nd from 3-5 pm, for a Tree and Shrub Identification Workshop at Distant Hill Gardens and Nature Trail in Walpole and Alstead, NH. This two-hour workshop will take place in the forest, fields, and wetlands of Distant Hill. You will learn how to identify numerous native species of shrubs and trees, along with a few invasive plant species. We will be using the plant’s buds and other identification features such as bark, shape, branching patterns, smell, taste, habitat, cones, and fruits as clues. 

For those with mobility issues, this workshop will be held outdoors on the gently rolling wheelchair and stroller accessible Distant Hill Nature Trail.

Suggested Donation: $10/per adult

All donations go toward making the trails at Distant Hill more accessible!

And here is a link to all of our upcoming events at Distant Hill on Eventbrite: 


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