Closing Date for the Clarion – 8/22/22

Yes a “baker’s week” away, it is time to get your inputs submitted for the September issue of the CLARION on Monday, August 22.Hopefully there will some activities you wish to share that will begin as the summer months wind down. I am aware of only a few things, so please help so together we can tell the community what is about to happen.

Again, closing date Monday, August 22, so you have until then to get busy and send your submissions along. If you have any questions or are interested in advertising, do get in touch with me. Thank you, RAY BOAS, Publisher

One thought on “Closing Date for the Clarion – 8/22/22

  1. Lucy McVitty Weber 08/14/2022 at 9:58 PM Reply

    Hi Ray,

    Sample Primary Ballots are up yet on the Secretary of State’s web site.

    Here’s the link.

    Click on Primary, then click Democratic or Republican, then find Walpole on the drop-down menu, then click Show Sample Ballot.  It won’t show, but it will download to your computer.

    There are a LOT of primary races this year, in both parties, so it would be a great service for people to see the two Walpole ballots in advance.


    Rep. Lucy McVitty Weber 217 Old Keene Road Walpole NH 03608

    Cell: 603-499-0282


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