Zoning Board Agenda – 8/17/22

Town Hall

7 pm

Roll Call: Appointment of alternates if needed.

Minutes: Review minutes of July 2022 meeting. 

Old Business:

Public Hearing:

Expansion of a Non-Conforming Use: Elizabeth Roos, 14 Middle Street, Article V D-2, Tax Map 20, Lot 77, Residential B. Ms. Roos would like to change and enlarge her deck at the back of the house. The door to the deck is the second egress from the house. The door is even with the deck and gets frozen shut in the winter. The plan is to drop the deck down one step and make it 6 feet longer. Postponed until September.

Clarion article for September. Non-conforming use. Dave Edkins.

New Business:

Gravel pit assignments. Hodgkins (Drewsville, Contact John or Roger Hodgkins), Tim Graves (Wentworth Road), Cold River Bridges (Industrial Park – Contact Tom Lentocha), Cold River Materials (Brewery Road – Contact Gary Patch).

Possible nomination of an alternate.

Review minutes of nonpublic session minutes of July 2022.

Discussion about appeal process.

Discussion about board member emails.

Change in ZBA state requirements. Forms. Fact finder. Approval, denial.

Next meeting September 21, 2022.

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