Busy October for the Town Hall

Hello to those that access the Town Hall: This is an email notice that there is going to be a high level of activity starting next week at the Town Hall.

  • Scaffolding subcontractor will be here next Monday (10/03/22) to start setting up the staging at the front and back of the building.
  • There will be no parking at the front of the Town Hall as of next Monday. A dumpster, supplies, and porta potty will be out front in the parking area . Our bathroom was offered but Melanson insisted on having their own facilities.
  • Weather permitting, the roof install starts on Wednesday, Oct. 12th.

There may be limited sidewalk access at times when the contractors are on the job.

Let us hope for good weather so this job can go quickly and smoothly. Feel free to share this information with others. If there are questions, call the Selectboard Office for assistance.


Sarah Downing

Manager of Administration

Town of Walpole, NH

34 Elm Street

PO Box 729

Walpole, NH  03608-0729

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