Library Meeting Minutes – 10/11/22

Present:  Amy Howard (Chair), Kathy Nerrie (Treasurer), Gail LaHaise, Susan Johnson, 

Tim Lester, Sarah Mann, Erin Bowen, Jean Kobeski (Recording Secretary), Jane Malmberg (Library Director)

Absent:  Bill Ranauro

Amy called the meeting to order at 4:33 p.m. This meeting was recorded.

Approval of Minutes:  Sarah moved to accept the September 20 minutes as written.  Tim seconded, and all voted in favor.  Motion carried.

Treasurers Report:  It was decided that Jennifer would be asked to focus on landscape maintenance rather than planting next year in an effort to stay within the projected $1,400 budget.  This year’s overage was due in part to the trees planted by the road.  

Bills:  There was no discussion about the bills.  Tim moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report and Bills.  Sarah seconded, and all voted in favor.  Motion carried.

Old Business

Volunteer/Staff Appreciation Dinner:  Kathy announced the dinner will be held on November 10 at 5:30 in Town Hall.  The dinner will include trustees, staff, Friends of the Library, library volunteers, and spouses. Sarah created invitations, which Jane distributed to the trustees at the meeting. Kathy estimated that a minimum of 40 people will attend.  

Kathy has secured the caterer.  The trustees decided that they will provide appetizers, and the caterer will prepare the entree and desserts.  

Kathy has tablecloths, and she will purchase the wine and disposable plates for apps and cups.

Bill suggested having a raffle, which the committee is still organizing.  Decorations and set-up and clean-up crews will be decided at the next board meeting. Amy will prepare remarks for the occasion.

Jane said she will close the library at 5:00 that day.

Logo/Branding:  Sarah is working with the designer on icons, colors, fonts, and brand guidelines.  She plans to have this for the November board meeting, though it may be delayed due to the designer’s work schedule.

New Business

Budget:  The trustees were reminded that building maintenance and electricity and salaries are covered in the town budget. The library budget (books, etc.) is not submitted to the town. 

Jane distributed a copy of the preliminary 2023 budget and explained a few changes that she made, based on needs and usage this year.  She lowered expected donations. She added $3500 to Technology for new Chromebooks but doesn’t feel that much should be needed.  She raised the Advertising budget to fund the roll-out of the new logo (possibly bags, magnets). Sarah suggested doing research on what these items cost and how many the library would need.  Would they be given away free, or will they be for purchase?  Sarah, Susan, and Amy said they would research ideas for the roll-out and report back to the board.

Jane stated they would like to have a new moveable bookshelf in the children’s room of the main library.  Kathy stated she could research the cost, and add it to the children’s misc. line.  It would be paid for by the O. Hubbard Fund.  

Jane stated the Staff Development budget was increased to accommodate a NE/NH Library Association conference she will attend.

Jane increased the cost of museum passes because she will buy an additional one for Montshire Museum because they are so popular.


To summarize:

​• 21 new library cards were registered in September.

​• Library visits are up compared to 2020 and 2021.

​• N. Walpole visits more than doubled from August to September.

​• Julie and some patrons are doing a research project to find out more about the history of the branch library.

​• Jane is putting together a Challenge packet, which will be presented to patrons who bring a challenge to a book or program.  It contains the library’s mission statement, collection development policy, program policy, and other information, as well as forms and information needed to bring a challenge.

​• Jane reviewed upcoming October programs.

Buildings and Grounds:  Jane reached out to Barry about wrapping the chimney. He said he could do it between now and mid-November.  He will send a quote for chimney removal ASAP.

Tim said he would touch base with Mark about the door.

Jane got the chalkboard paint today for the sign.

Friends of the Library:  The next two Wednesdays they will be sorting books for the book sale.

Adjournment:  With no further business to discuss, Tim moved to adjourn the meeting.  Gail seconded, and Amy adjourned the meeting at 5:29 p.m.

The next meeting will be November 8, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. at the main branch.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jean Kobeski, Recording Secretary

** These minutes are in draft form until approved at the November 8, 2022 meeting.

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