Local Election Results

Thanks to Lucy for sharing this information. Numbers yes, but not COVID – Lil

Looking for Election Results?

Because of some posts on social media, I decided to take a look at voter turnout from Tuesday. The Secretary of State’s web site is not the easiest to navigate, so here is an overview of the numbers in my new State Representative district, Cheshire District 05—Surry and Walpole,

The statewide turnout for the last midterm election, in 2018, was 580,214. If I recall correctly, the Secretary of State predicted that turnout this year statewide would top 590,000. Actual turnout was 626,823451Surry voters went to the polls; 1893 ballots were cast in Walpole. By comparison, Surry voters cast 397 ballots in 2018; in Walpole the number was 1776.

Midterm numbers are always less than the presidential year turnout. In 2020, 819,499 ballots were cast statewide; 567 of those in Surry and 2349 in Walpole.

Here is the link to election results is below for those who want to take a deeper dive into the numbers, and the results for each individual candidate.


For those who want a quick reference for the more locally elected officials, here are ours:

State Senator:  Donovan Fenton 

State Representative, Cheshire District 5:  Lucy Weber

State Representatives, Cheshire District 15:  Amanda Elizabeth Toll and Renee Monteil

Sheriff: Eli Rivera

County Attorney:  Chris McLaughlin

County Treasurer:  Chuck Weed

Register of Deeds:  Anna Tilton

County Commissioner:  Jack Wozmak is completing his 4 year term; Bob Englund has been elected to the two year term.

As of this writing, the state Senate has remained steady at 14 Rs and 10 Ds.  The state House is in an historic position.  As of this writing, there are 203 Rs and 197 Ds.  Many recounts are scheduled for next week.  Think your vote does not count?  The closest race has the Democrat losing to the Republican by 1 vote; the second closest has the Dem losing by 4 votes.  There are numerous races which have been decided by fewer than 10 votes.  Stay tuned.

Best part of hanging out at the polls on Tuesday?  Seeing how many parents brought their children with them to the polls.  So glad the next generation of voters is already being introduced to the election process.

And thank you to all the election workers who once again did a great job making the election process run smoothly.

~Representative Lucy Weber



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