Public Hearings – 12/13/22


Town of Walpole, NH 03608


You are hereby notified of the following Public Hearings to be held on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, at 7 pm in the Walpole Town Hall. The following formally submitted applications will be reviewed by the Board for completeness and, if complete, accepted by the Board and a Public Hearing held.

Public Hearing: Site Plan. NGP Management Group, Dunkin 2,000 square-foot coffee shop and drive-thru. Tax Map 12, Lot 13-3, Route 12, 234.8 feet on Main Street, pond and wetlands to the south.

Public Hearing: Lot Line Adjustment: Dale and Bonita Woodward and Judith Epstein, Tax Map 19, Lots 53-1 and 54. Lot 53.1 to gain 0.01 acre. Flat and School Streets. 

Public Hearing: Subdivision/Condo Lots: Avanru Development Group LLC: Tax Map 12, Lot 13-3 into 3 parcels, Unit 1A, Unit 2B, Unit 3C. 

All abutters and interested parties are encouraged to attend. To be heard on this matter, you must either attend the hearing in person or by duly authorized agent or you may submit your comments in writing, prior to the hearing to the Walpole Planning Board, PO Box 729, Walpole, NH 03608. 

If final action is delayed or the hearing continued, the application will remain on the agenda for the following Planning Board meeting, or until a decision is reached, without further notice. The applications and maps are available for public inspection at the Town Offices. Meeting minutes and public notices are posted inside the Town Hall and on the bulletin board outside the Post Office, and on the Town website,

WPB Secretary
Marilou Blaine

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