Selectboard Meeting Minutes – 12/29/22

Selectboard Present:  Steven Dalessio, Chair; Peggy Pschirrer and Cheryl Mayberry.

CALL TO ORDER:  Mr. Dalessio called this meeting of the Selectboard to order at 6:30 PM in the Walpole Town Hall.There was one member of the public present, Mr. Ray Boas.


Mr. Boas had seen in the December 5th Selectboard Minutes a discussion about replacing two trees on the Common. There was a consensus that there was a plan to replace three trees. Mr. Boas wished to discuss the esthetics and funding of the replacement trees. Mr. Boas likes seeing activity on and around the Common. Mr. Boas recounted past Clarion articles related to trees on the Common. There was a discussion as to how many trees were removed since the summer. There were three trees removed on the east side, and one large tree on west side. A small, dead dogwood was also removed. Mr. Boas said if one squared off the Common, there are 6 trees on the east side and 5 trees on the west side. There is a tree across from 46 Elm Street in poor condition. Mr. Dalessio explained that the Town had hired an arborist. A staged process with removal and replacement was recommended.  Mr. Boas felt this plan was unbalanced and not pleasing. He would like to recommend planting 3 trees on the west side of the Common. Then there would be 8 trees on the east side and 7 trees on the west side of the Common.

Mr. Boas wished to discuss funding and quotes. Mr. Dalessio explained that they had terrible luck finding an arborist. The arborist hired provided a very good proposal. Mr. Boas was interested in the contractual procedures. There was a discussion if the funding would be sought through a warrant article. Mr. Boas suggested using the unassigned fund balance to purchase trees. He also felt that donations could be sought. Mr. Boas would be interested in donating money to a tree in his wife’s memory.

The Selectboard reviewed the quote for the replacement trees and the care of current trees. Ms. Mayberry commented that an arborist was hired for balance and continuity. Mr. Dalessio said that the Selectboard viewed this as a long-term project. Mr. Boas is interested in balancing out the trees on the Common. Mr. Dalessio said the three proposed trees were 2.5 inches in diameter and 10 -12 feet tall. Mr. Boas felt that the quote was too much money. The group reviewed the quote of $4,705 for purchasing trees, planting, transport, labor, compost, fertilizerand mesh protection. The quote to care for two Norway maples is $4,180. Ms. Pschirrer said that two tupelo trees and one Jefferson elm tree were recommended by the arborist. Mr. Dalessio asked if the arborist could provide a quote for the larger 4.5-inch trees. There was a watering plan included in the quote. Mr. Boas would like to see all the trees, for both sides of the Common, purchased at one time.

2023 TOWN BUDGET HEARING:  The Selectboard had planned the budget hearing for Thursday, February 9th. However, there is a meeting conflict with the Fall Mountain Regional School District Deliberative Session night. There was a consensus to move the Town’s budget hearing to Wednesday, February 8th at 5:30 PM with the Selectboard Meeting to follow.

Mr. Boas departed the meeting at 7:03 PM.


Ms. Mayberry moved to accept the Payroll Check Register for the week ending December 24, 2022, in the amount of $30,747.28 dated December 30, 2022, and for the 941 Payroll Tax Transfer in the amount of $6,470.35.  Seconded by Mrs.Pschirrer.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessioin favor, the motion was approved.


SELECTBOARD MEETING – December 22, 2022:  Ms. Mayberry moved to accept the Minutes of the Selectboard meeting of December 22, 2022, as submitted.  Seconded by Mrs.Pschirrer. With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the Minutes were approved.

NON-PUBLIC SELECTBOARD SESSION – December 22, 2022:  Ms. Mayberry moved to accept the Minutes of the Non-Public Selectboard Session of December 22, 2022, as submitted.  Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs.Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the Minutes were approved.The minutes are to remain sealed.


The following reports were acknowledged by the Selectboard:


Ms. Mayberry moved to accept the Veterans’ Credit application for map and lot# 029-005-00. Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer. With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the veterans’ credit was approved.


Ms. Mayberry moved to approve the Intent to Cut for:

• Map and Lot# 009-006-000

• Map and Lot# 009-008-000

• Map and Lot# 010-034-000

Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs.Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the Motion was approved.


2022-50, Map and Lot# 003-077-000: Ms. Mayberry moved to accept Building Permit# 2022-50 for Map and Lot# 003-077-000 to add a 488 square foot roof mount solar array.  Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the motion was approved.


Pending Further Actions:  Generators, Parking Ordinance,School and Old North Main Bridges/Culverts, School Street Drainage Project, Phase 3 Power for Industrial Drive and Bensonwood, Houghton Brook Bridge

Termination of Service Letter with The StandardMs. Mayberry moved for the Chair to sign the Termination of Service Letter with The Standard.  Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the motion was approved.

Cold River Riverbank Approval for Repair Letter: Ms. Pschirrer moved to sign the letter of approval to the NH DOS for the repair of the Cold River riverbank washout.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  With Mrs. Pschirrer, Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the motion was approved.


Walpole USPAP Review Report: There was a consensus that the letter from the NH DRA was a notice that everything was done correctly for report. No follow-up was needed said Mr. Dalessio.

Thank You Notes: From the Library Staff for their holiday gift cards, Peggy Pschirrer for get well flowers and the Nash family for a bereavement donation.


Ms. Mayberry moved to adjourn this Selectboard meeting.  Seconded by Mrs. Pschirrer.  Mr. Dalessio asked if there was any additional discussion.  There was none.  With Ms. Mayberry, Mrs. Pschirrer and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 7:18 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Downing, Recording Secretary Pro Tempore

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