Walpole Community Power Update

 On January 4th the Walpole Community Power Committee recommended that the Walpole Select Board move forward with Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire (CPCNH). It was recommended  over other vendors because  the committee feels that CPCNH is a better long term opportunity. On January 11th the Select Board unanimously  agreed with the committee’s recommendation and signed the necessary documents to move forward with CPCNH.    

CPCNH will be negotiating the purchase of power and setting rates between January 30th and February 16th.  Our Energy Aggregation Plan approved at the 2022 Town meeting  requires that we only launch Walpole Community Power if we can meet or beat the Liberty default rate, that is still the requirement. 

We have scheduled a informational meeting at Town hall on 2/22/23 @ 6:30.

We will provide the next update in the March Clarion and on the Walpolean

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