February Clarion Now Online

Ray Boas

Jan 26

And, at the post offices tomorrow for delivery to Walpole, North Walpole, and Drewsville hopefully on Saturday. Back up to 20 pages with past events, news, and some “fun reads.” Please note on page 3, AGE IN MOTION. Submitted incorrectly, and not caught, it starts THURSDAY, February 2. Please remember that it is our advertisers that make it possible to get your hardcopy CLARION into your hands, so please thank them with your words or business.

Catch you next month – it comes too quickly – click on this link, or the cover below to see the February issue. Yours, RAY BOAS, Publisher

One thought on “February Clarion Now Online

  1. Antonia Andreoli 01/30/2023 at 12:59 PM Reply

    I’m not sure how to get this response to the right place. Starting here –

    Replying to Tom Winmill’s front page article about the proposed amendment to our zoning.

    While I agree with the concept behind the amendment, I am very sad to see the insulting classism in Tom’s article. It is slipped in, just one word, but so offensive! Comparing the formula stores to different development, on page 2: “…than minimum wage, temporary jobs at junky formula business outlets.”

    “Junky”. Describing their inventory? Their appearance? What about the folks who shop there – I think often because of the price point?

    I grew up in blue collar household. Dad drove a truck. My mother, when she had to go to work to cover medical bills in those pre-insurance days, worked first at a children’s store in a neighboring city, owned by a local family. We had never shopped there, and only did for the few years she worked there and had an employee discount. They were beautiful, well made clothes. After that retail job, she got one closer to home at more money – at Zayre’s, a formula department store. The inventory was day and night – as were the prices.

    Calling that segment of the retail market “junky” is a slap to anyone who has ever had few choices. Should there be other options? Of course. Can we fix the international marketplace often depending on underage labor with few environmental considerations? I hope so. But we can try to manage our own community’s growth and I am glad to see us working toward that.

    What we don’t need to do is to “other” people who may not share our level of economic choice. Shame on you Tom.


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