New State-wide Interactive Zoning Map Available Online

News from Lucy but no COVID numbers this time. Whew! – Lil

The Center for Ethics in Society at St. Anselm College today activated a new state-wide interactive zoning map, called the NH Zoning Atlas, with data assembled from every city and town in the state.  The map is set up to answer questions as general as “where in NH could I locate a mobile home park?” to as specific as “how much land in Walpole is non-developable?”  It is an incredibly powerful tool to look at what is, and to inform policy changes.  You can drill down on local usages, or use it to compare how different towns address specific issues.

You can find the NH Zoning Atlas here:  

The map is the result of intensive research by professionals and students through many, many zoning ordinances.  It is not intended to be used as legal advice, or a substitute for due diligence at the local and state level when you are thinking about a specific project or transaction, and there is a disclaimer to that effect you must check off before you begin, but that is a one-time acknowledgement from each individual browser.  Once you access the map, there is a tutorial available about how to use the map, and how to toggle the various inquiries you want to make.

As a tool for local and state-wide information and comparisons about permitted and restricted land use, it is astonishing in its detail.

Take a tour, and then enjoy!


~Rep. Lucy McVitty Weber


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