Marilou Blaine asked the following comments be added to the May Planning Board Minutes. – Lil


Mr. Dalessio comments:

Regarding a special exception, I was wondering whether or not the zoning board has considered it and if a public hearing was held.

Greg Gay said that the the N.W. zoning board was adamant that he had to come here (meaning the Walpole Planning Board) first for a site plan approval.

Mr. Dalessio asked Gay if he saw the whole board or just John Foster and Gay said just John Foster.

So you never really had a special exception hearing. Gay said John said it wasn’t necessary to have a public hearing.

The site plan as a site plan has to stand on its own. Whether or not it’s a permitted use is up to North Walpole.

The abutters were never notified of this new information to come and look at it.

My interpretation once new information is presented is abutters have some right to know what that information is before we can vote on it.

At this point Mr. Dalessio said the secretary would send the information to the Lennons, which she did..


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