Zoning Board Meeting Minutes – 7/16/16


Walpole Zoning Board of Adjustment

Minutes: July 16, 2016

Walpole, Town Hall

7:30 pm 


Present: Board Members: Chair Myra Mansouri, Bob Anderson, Judy Trow. Alternate: Tom Murray. Absent: Vice-Chair Jan Galloway Leclerc, Mary Therese Lester,

Recording: Marilou Blaine. These minutes are unapproved and will be reviewed at the August 17, 2016 meeting for corrections, additions and/or omissions.

Roll Call: Ms. Mansouri called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. There was a quorum of three board members and an alternate. 

Minutes:  Five corrections were made, mainly typos or an extra wood.  Ms. Trow made a motion to accept the June minutes as corrected. Mr. Anderson seconded the motion and the board approved the motion.

Old Business:

            Public Hearing:Special Exception:: The Savings Bank of Walpole – Signage, Ames Plaza, map 12, Lot 55-3, commercial district. Zoning Ordinance Article IV. Special Exceptions are required if there are signs within 100 feet of one another. The sign will be 32-square feet, two-sided, free standing, up-lit and perpendicular to Route 12.

Martha Curtis was representing the Savings Bank of Walpole.  Although the bank has been there for 30 years, Ms. Curtis said there are still some people who didn’t know where the bank is. That’s the reason for the sign.

In addition to the above, she added that the lights would be LED, the sign would be close to the banks own driveway to satisfy the state requirement about the distance from to the center line of Route 12 and near where the generator is. The reason there is no sign on the Ames Plaza Board is that the bank owns its own property.

Mr. Anderson thanked Ms. Curtis for taking pictures of where the sign will be with the Ames sign in the background. Ms. Trow asked if the sign on the building was staying. The answer was yes. It is 63 feet from the new sign. The Ames sign is 120 feet away.

The Public Hearing was closed. Mr. Anderson made a motion to grant the Savings Bank of Walpole a Special Exception to put up a new sign. The motion was seconded by Ms. Trow and approved by the Board.

            Public Hearing 2: Expansion of a Non-conforming Use: Lynne and William Reed, 60 Main St., Map 20, Lot 46, the lot is a non-conforming lot. The Reeds wish to put a 3-foot-6- inch-by-7-foot roof over the entrance at the northwest side of the house. It is 17 feet from the nearest abutters.

Mr. Reed said that this would be a new entrance and the principal entrance on that side with the cars parked in front of it. It will be a concrete platform with a roof to provide protection from inclement weather and maybe add interest to that side of the building. It would be one step off the ground.

Abutter Ms. Peggy Pschirrer said she wanted to speak in support of their application of a non-conforming use. She said the addition will be consistent with all of other “excellent redesign work” they have done to that house and will enhance the neighborhood. It will add value to that house as well as abutting property.

Mr. Charlie Frye said it seems a good thing for the neighborhood and for the town and add value to the town.

Mr. Anderson asked if people parked in front of the house. Mr. Reed said there was room for three cars, but not on the street.

Ms. Trow asked if there was any historic evidence it may have had a roof over it. It looks like it belongs there, she said. The Reeds said no. Mr. Reed said it was a window and, he added, the second floor had been added.

Ms. Mansouri said it used to be the law offices of Manning and Carr.

Ms. Pschirrer said that at one time the building, as well as her house, was going to be torn down, but it was turned into the first historical society. The building where the Reeds were living was the gift shop. And at one time Guy Bemis owned them both.

Ms. Trow made a motion to approve the Expansion of a Non-conforming Use. Tom Murray seconded the motion and the Board agreed.

He was asked to send pictures of the improvement when it was completed. Mr. Reed agreed to do so.


            Public Hearing 3: Special Exception. Fuzzy Brothers LLC. 15 Sawmill Lane, Map 13, Lot    34-5. The Fuzzy Brothers want to use the barns and property to store and repair heavy equipment. Article VIII. Part C.

Mr. Ben Northcott represented the Fuzzy Brothers LLC and he passed out pictures of the area with a view from the road. Mr. Northcott said he was there for a change of use of the property that was Charlie Welch’s saw mill. The building he was most interested in using was the red building, the one closest to the road, which is Cheshire Turnpike.

There’s a pasture land used by the Fall Mountain High School and hay field on one side and that will remain the same. The small building that was an office at one time will be storage area for equipment. And same with the area behind the big red building.

The red building has garage doors on the front but the equipment will actually enter from the back and the front doors will not be used. The area in back of the building would be used for parking and storage. He would plant some trees in front of the red building and there are some breaks in the trees along the same side that need to be filled in, Mr. Northcott said.

He doesn’t expect to do much to the exterior of the building except paint it, replace a few rotten boards and broken windows. They are going to update the electrical system inside.

Mr. Anderson asked about a fence. Mr. Northcott answered that the Planning Board thought the trees would look better than a fence. Ms. Mansouri agreed.

How many pieces of equipment will be parked on the property? Ms. Trow asked. Mr. Northcott said in the winter maybe two trailer trucks, five excavators, several bucket trucks and a couple of rock crushers. In the winter there would be probably be three employees.

Ms. Mansouri asked about the tenant who was there. The tenants would move to a house on the property. The apartment would become the office.

There would be no sign. He is not looking to repair any other equipment than his own. The loudest noise would probably come from an air wrench.

Ms. Mansouri said that the Special Exception is subject to the Planning Board’s recommendation.

The Public Hearing was closed.

Mr. Anderson moved that the Special Exception be granted with three conditions:

  1. That the repair work be only on the Fuzzy Brothers equipment.
  2. That trees be planted so the equipment cannot be seen from the road.
  3. That the Planning Board recommend the Special Exception.

Ms. Trow seconded the motion and it unanimously was agreed to by the rest of the Board.


            Signage: Jack Franks: Future Home of Cold River Brewing Co.

Mr. Jack Franks of Avanru Development came to ask if he could replace the current sign advertising Top Soil for Sale on Route 12 near Red Barn Lane be replaced with a sign saying “Future Home Of Cold River Brewing Co……Office/Retail/Suites Available.” The telephone number and web site are included. There may be a picture of the building on the sign.

The sign will remain where it is to satisfy state requirement and be the exact same size, 32-square feet..

Ms. Mansouri said that she saw no problem with that and the Board agreed.


The Matrix discussion was put off for a month. Then the Board went into executive session after a motion was made by Ms. Trow, seconded by Mr. Anderson. The Board came out of executive session about 15 minutes later and the Board adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Marilou Blaine


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