Community Planning Calendar

From Ray Boas
How many times have you scheduled an event in Walpole only to find three other things conflict on that day? Have you struggled to find the date of a community or school happening in Walpole two or ten months from now?

Recognizing the need, beginning November 2017 the CLARION will be hosting on its website a calendar listing of events scheduled in the next year or more. These will be special events occurring within the town limits of Walpole, North Walpole and Drewsville. Not listed, since usually noted elsewhere in the CLARION, will be the meetings and gatherings that are weekly or monthly.

Examples of listings that should be included, and suggested short format are:

October 7-8 2017; FALL ARTS FESTIVAL; Town Hall; (see ad page 7 Sept CLARION); contact xx

December x, 2017; CHRISTMAS CONCERT, Walpole Middle School; contact xx

March 17, 2018, CABIN FEVER RADIO FOLLIES, Town Hall; contact xxx.

Get the idea? 

Most groups do plan a year ahead, and by listing an event in the CLARION’s Community Planning Calendar may ensure greater success for your event by “protecting” a date, and avoiding overlaps. Or, with lots happening on the same day people may plan to take in all that is happening.

Organizers of events occurring outside the boundaries of Walpole are welcome to submit an event for consideration. Those submitted events not within Walpole’s borders will be subject to a small charge, paid in advance. Of course, a display ad in the paper to reach all readers for any event is welcomed. Your ideas and submissions are welcome. Listings will be subject to the publisher and staff’s approval. Help us get this started for the everyone’s benefit.

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