Guest at the Table Sunday

 Join members and friends of the Walpole Unitarian Church for breakfast Sunday at Hastings Parish House at 10 a.m. for our monthly Family First service. This month, we introduce this year’s “Guest at the Table” social action project sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Led by Dorothy Read and Virginia Carter, the event is our monthly “casual Sunday” and includes a prepared brunch, topic of discussion, and activity. If you have never been to the church before, this is a great time to drop by, have a meal, ask questions, and get to know us!

 Guest at the Table is a project of the UUSC that we kick off as we approach the holiday season. This year’s theme is “Small Change is Big Change.” The four stories offered this year show the lives of people who have responded to great challenges with limited resources. 

 The stories include the impact of persecution in Burma, encroaching erosion in the South Pacific, and immigration detention conditions in the United States. 

        Here is a link to this year’s Stories of Hope:

 We are a Welcoming Congregation that embraces spiritual diversity, social justice, and love for each other and the environment.

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