New Cookbook Available – 11-17-17

Walpole Unitarian Church Launches New Cookbook with a Recipe Sampling Reception 

         Join members and friends of the Walpole Unitarian Church Friday, Nov. 17, for a reception and menu sampling of recipes from our new cookbook. The event will be held at Hastings Parish House on Union Street from 6 to 8 p.m.

         This launch of “The Walpole Unitarian Church Cookbook: Food for Thought,” celebrates “feeding each other in a hungry world” both on a physical and spiritual level.

         Your $25 admission will include a copy of the cookbook as well as the delicious buffet of foods created from recipes in the book. Two-person admission and one cookbook is $40.

         This is a collection of favorite recipes, ethnic family recipes, old and new recipes, some with a modern twist, some old standbys, some secrets, and many with a story attached. Simple or complicated, what they all have in common is that they are threads in the fabric of someone’s life, and thus, our Congregation and the larger community.

         You will find a “jazzy” blueprint for making any kind of soup, appetizers that will entice your guests, some vintage offerings, and lots of ideas for chicken and vegetarian meals, with influences from around the globe.

         There are quick weeknight dishes like Rev. Elaine’s Chili Rice Casserole, and slow food delights such as Three Friends’ Sourdough Bread. We have recipes from those no longer with us, and from those of the next generations who will take our place!

          We even have a 50-year-old recipe for baked beans from a 100-year-old man in the village who many of us know! It includes gluten-free recipes such as a Mediterranean flatbread “socca,” and lactose-free offerings as well, like Hannah’s Cornbread Casserole and dark chocolate birthday cupcakes. 

         Our food and bake sales are popular in the community, and we’ve included recipes for some of the area’s favorites from both sides of the river. Additionally, we have a few of our Walpole Old Home Days Cookie Bake-off award winners!

         We spent a year of our Family First Sundays preparing dishes to offer each other from what would become the categories of this cookbook. We shared the dish and the recipe, and created a whole new set of special food memories in the process! We used locally produced food where possible, and focused, of course, on dishes that are easy to share with others and are tried and true.

         For more information, or to reserve tickets, please call Dorothy Read at 802-463-9333, or Virginia Carter at 603-756-3948. BTW — This cookbook is a wonderful holiday gift to give someone of any age!!  

    That’s what it’s all about! Sharing the food and the memories.

         May your moments be filled with laughter and friendship, and lots of wonderful meals!


One thought on “New Cookbook Available – 11-17-17

  1. Virginia 11/06/2017 at 1:49 PM Reply

    Thank you, Lil !!



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