Sarah Downing has a special request. Can you help her? – Lil

Hello all:  This e-mail request is being sent to all appointed Town of Walpole board/commission/committee members along with civic group contacts for photos. The inside front cover of the 2018 Town Report will be dedicated to those who donate time, services and/or improvements for the Town of Walpole. There are two groups that will be included in the dedication which are:

Appointed Town Committee/Board/Committee members (non-elected)

• Recreation Committee and Sports Team Coaches

• Conservation Commission

• Health Officer—Chuck Shaw

• WRAP Committee and Recycling Dept. Volunteers

• Hooper Scholarship Committee

• Hooper Institute Committee

Civic and Social Groups

• Cub and Boy Scouts

• Girl Scouts

• Historical Society

• Women of Walpole

• Walpole Community Grange

• Friends of Hooper

• Friends of the Library

• Walpole Seniors

• American Legion

• Walpole Players

• Society for Bringing to Justice Horse Thieves and Pilferers

• North Walpole Park Volunteers

• 4-H Clubs: Pinnacle View and Robotics

• Website Design—Ryan Harrison

• Walpolean—Lil Decosta

The deadline is Feb. 9th for submitting photos.

If there is a group or person who you believe should be on the list, do let us know. We have done our best to create a comprehensive list. And, if there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Selectboard Office


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