More Thoughts on Volunteers’ Pictures

Virginia Carter put in her thinking cap and came up with some terrific ideas of people to be included. Now someone has to get the pictures to Sarah Downing. – Lil

The “Walpole Community Christmas Fund” — 3 to 4 Walpole churches fundraise annually (usually taking a collection at the ecumenical service on Thanksgiving) and also place “giving trees” throughout the community to support those in need with Christmas presents for the whole family, as well as financial support for food, clothing, rent deposits, heating fuel, and auto gas.  The fund was managed and facilitated by the Unitarian Church for many years, but now I believe the Episcopal church has taken the lead.  Our ecumenical youth group and Girl Scouts have done the legwork on and off, but I’m not sure who is currently spearheading the actual legwork.

Another thought was the work of the “Walpole Old Home Days Committee.”

Another thought was all the volunteers who bring meals to Walpole residents from the Alstead Fall Mtn. kitchen and also the Meals on Wheels up in BF.

And who coordinates the Walpole Memorial Day Parade and the 4th of July parade?

One thought on “More Thoughts on Volunteers’ Pictures

  1. Sarah Downing 02/02/2018 at 12:27 PM Reply

    Thank you for the additional group ideas Virginia. Your suggestions were presented to the Selectboard at last night’s (2/1/18) meeting. They agreed that the Old Home Day Committee should be added to the listing. I will contact them for follow-up.

    Those organizations and Town committees/boards to be included on the inside front cover page of the Town Report do not receive financial support or payments from the Town. The list will be slightly edited to meet this requirement.

    The Board felt that only civic organizations should be included although it was acknowledged that our religious communities are involved in outreach projects such as meals to the Warming Shelter, donations to the Fall Mt. Food Shelf, etc. If there are any questions regarding the Giving Tree Project and the Walpole Community Fund, please contact Rev. Susan Kershaw of St. John’s Episcopal Church for more information.

    The Fall Mt. Food Shelf and Friendly Meals does receive funding from the Town. There is a report from this organization, along with the Bellows Fall Senior Center in the Town Report.

    The Memorial Day Parade is organized by the American Legion. They are included in the listing and have been contacted for a photo.

    There are many that donate time, effort and materials beyond any stipend, donation or payment they receive from the Town, Their efforts are also greatly appreciated. However, we only have one page for dedications and there is criteria for inclusion for this year’s grouping.

    Additional feedback will be considered although our deadline is approaching quickly.

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