Maria Coneeny asked me to pass along this warning. – Lil

I have twice and Joe once received a phone call from a young man claiming to be my grandson. We quickly cut them off, but I understand that what they are doing is saying that they are in trouble and need immediate financial help. I’ve heard, but can’t confirm that it is true, that one of the ladies I know bought gift cards and followed instructions and sent them and was defrauded in such a way. This seems something to be concerned about.

One thought on “Alert

  1. Paul Happ 03/05/2018 at 11:34 AM Reply

    This is the “Grandparents Scam”. It is a standard, current, well known scam.

    Please let the PD know. They can’t do much but it is helpful for them to know about and keep track of these scams.

    The scammers can gather enough info on the net to sound convincing. From there they are skilled at psychology, so they are able to ask leading questions and provide convincing “facts”. Just like the psychics who as “The Amazing Randi” ( has shown, are skilled manipulators.

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