Good News

”Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!”

It has been a long wait, but the Club Car Onward electric cart that we won in a Facebook contest last December was finally delivered last week! In case you don’t remember, we entered an online contest last fall to win a four-person electric golf cart to use at Distant Hill Gardens and Nature Trail. We plan to use the cart to transport visitors with physical limitations to sites on Distant Hill that they otherwise could not access.

Well, thanks to over 400 Facebook friends who voted for Distant Hill Gardens in the contest, we won the cart. The Onward was ordered to our specifications back in January, but it took a bit longer than the estimated six to eight weeks to finally get it!

The Onward will be available, free of charge, for all Open Garden Weekends, Private Garden Tours, and to access Distant Hill Nature Trail during scheduled events. I’m sorry to say, the new Distant Hill Geology Trail is still too rough for the new vehicle to easily use, but we are working on it.

If you, or someone you know, has been putting off visiting Distant Hill Gardens or Distant Hill Nature Trail because of a mobility issue, your wait is over. The Onward can seat up to three guests, and will be available on a first-come basis for scheduled events, or you can Contact Us through our website to set up a date and time for a Private Tour.

Michael & Kathy Nerrie

Thanks Again to Everyone Who Voted For Us on Facebook

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