Zoning Board Agenda – 9/18/19

Agenda for Zoning Board of Adjustment

Wednesday,  September 18, 2019

Walpole Town Hall

7 pm


Roll Call: Appointment of alternates if needed.


Minutes: Review minutes of August and August 31 workshop


Old Business:

Public Hearings:

No. 1

Variance for Smith Family Trust, Ralph Smith, 409 Main St., Tax Map 12, Lot 8, Commercial and Rural/Ag, Article IV – N – Sections B and D, Size of dwelling is 1152 square feet not 900 square feet; distance from principal dwelling is 206 feet, not 150 feet. 


No. 2

Variance for Griffin and Andrea-Vickers Sivret, 56 Old Keene Road, Tax Map 18, Lot 18, Residential B, Article V, Yard Requirements. A shed on the property will be 7 feet, instead of the required 20 feet, from the adjoining property line after a property line adjustment..


Bylaws  two additions to bylaws:

RSA 91 “Raw materials: Tapes and notes used to compile meeting minutes are governmental records as long as they are retained: policy to discard/reuse after minutes are approved is acceptable.” 


Voting on Variances: The Board will discuss each of the five criteria separately, but have one vote on the decision for the application for a Variance.


This is the second meeting where changes to the Bylaws is being discussed and will be voted on.


Errors to Town Report – What to do about them.


Abenaki Springs Phase II Sign. – Jack Franks took down the sign. 


Avitar map – Letter sent to Select Board.


Gravel Pits: Assign inspection of pits.



Handouts: Conference in October


Next meeting Wednesday,  September 18, 2019


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