Yes, I know a day or two earlier than usual, but the way Thanksgiving Day falls on the calendar, and the printer’s schedule, I need to have the files for printing ready the 21st, early the 22nd at worst. That way I can have the December CLARION delivered to you by December 1st.

A great deal of activity around town in December – church events and holiday happenings. Please, get me your articles on what your group is doing so I can get the word out, and hopefully boost attendance at your affair. Also, it is not too soon, but as we approach Town Meeting season I know a number of items will be coming up to vote, so if you have news or an opinion to share, please submit it.

Finally, remember the advertisers make it possible to bring the CLARION to you. So, thank them, patronize them, and join in by placing your ad. I am happy to help in any way.