North Walpole Commissioners Meeting Minutes – 11/5/19


Commissioners:   Patrick Kiniry, Melissa Colburn, Celeste Aumand


Attendees:  Bill Crawford, Fire


Other Attendees:  Greg Gay


Commissioner’s Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm, November 05, 2019. 

Minutes of October 29, 2019, Motion by Com Colburn, Seconded by Com Aumand to approve Minutes as written. Three in favor.


Mr. Gay was attending the meeting to present “official” Blueprints of this proposed office building project at the southwest corner of 8 Len-Tex Lane.  Commissioners accepted the copy of the blueprints and tabled further discussions until they could review the proposed plans.



Chief presented an invoice for $36.02 and October payroll of $ 2,312.41, both approved by a Motion from Com Colburn and Seconded by Com Aumand.  All three in favor.

Chief noted that Jason Colburn has been promoted to Lieutenant with the appropriate pay increase.

Chief asked for permission to spend surplus to purchase an ORV.  The Fireman’s Association has raised half of the cost for the ORV and would like to purchase it before the end of the year.

Motion by Com Colburn and seconded by Com Aumand for the Fire Department to use up to $8,369 from the surplus budget toward the purchase of a new ORV for the department.  Commissioners, Kiniry, Colburn and Aumand all voted in favor of the motion.



No report as Bob McGuirk was not in attendance.



Commissioners will send a letter to Jayson Dunbar, agreeing for him to move forward with his proposed building project on the property adjacent to 1134 Main Street in North Walpole.


Motion by Com Kiniry, seconded by Com Colburn to adjourn the meeting at 8:00pm, allthree in favor. 



Meeting Adjourned at 8:00PM.

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