Principal Search Update

In case you missed it like I almost did, I wanted to share this from the Fall Mountain School District website.  It is a message from the Superintendent. – Lil


Walpole Principal Search Updates February 9, 2020

On Wednesday, February 12th, interviews will be held for the Walpole Schools principal position. During the day, the candidates will each be interviewed by four committees: Faculty/Staff; Parent/Community; Students; and Central Office. Students will also be leading candidates on a tour of WES. At the end of the day, committees will submit extensive information about each candidate and two finalists will be selected to come back for a full day visit on Thursday, February 13th.

The schedule for February 13th includes a tour of each of the Walpole schools, leading a faculty/staff meeting, followed by an open forum with building level administrators and parents and community members. The open forum for parents and community members will be held for each candidate, at 5:00 and 5:30 at WES. You are encouraged to attend the meeting and to give your input on each candidate. Your opinion is important to the process.

I realize this process has been challenging due to the recent snow days, but I hope that the 12th and 13th will give us a full picture of the candidates in order to select the best leader for Walpole Schools.

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