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In trying to provide a larger font, I lost the links from the previous post.  Here is the same message but it includes the links.  Thanks for being tolerant of my “technological challenges”! – Lil


Health care workers all over the country have run dangerously low on personal protection equipment (PPE). My ER doc nephew, for example, is now limited to 1 proper N-95 mask per four of his 12 hour shifts! Many health officials have put out a call for people who sew to make face masks. Fabric masks are better than no masks.

Your loved ones working in health care facilities and our local health care heroes do already or will soon be needing them. I understand Maplewood is already hoping for some. Perhaps someone can let us know who else has current urgent needs.

There are two common styles. Both are exceptionally easy to make.
Pleated. I find this video the easiest to follow. Printed instructions here.
Curved. You can download both the pattern and the instructions here.

Recommendations vary. A balance between protective and breathable is necessary. Researchers at Cambridge University concluded that among fabrics likely to be found at home, that balance is best struck by one layer of pillowcase fabric and one layer of cotton T-shirt fabric.

Others recommend a heavy non-stretch fabric such as denim, duck cloth, canvas, twill, or other tight woven fabric for the outer layer and
another thinner, softer cotton non-stretch fabric for the inside layer.

Recommendations vary: 1/16″ round cord or  1/8″ to 1/4″ braided elastic. Absent elastic, bias tape, fabric or sturdy ribbon can be used.

It’s time for all hands on deck, using whatever we can put our hands on!

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