The Latest Executive Order from Governor Sununu

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Here’s the latest Emergency Order.  Just a week after Walpole voted to ban single use plastic because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Governor issued an Emergency Order requiring the use of disposables.


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Governor Chris Sununu Issues Emergency Order 10



For Immediate Release: 
March 21, 2020Contact: 
Ben Vihstadt


Concord, NH – Today, Governor Chris Sununu issued Emergency Order 10 as part of the state’s efforts to respond to COVID-19.

Emergency Order 10: Requiring all grocers and retail stores to temporarily transition to use of single use paper or plastic bags. This Order shall apply to grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, retail stores selling any product, and any other similar establishment engaged in in-store sale of retail products to customers.

“Our grocery store workers are on the front lines of COVID-19, working around the clock to keep New Hampshire families fed,” said Governor Chris Sununu. “With identified community transmission, it is important that shoppers keep their reusable bags at home given the potential risk to baggers, grocers and customers. This Emergency Order directs all grocers and retail stores in the state to temporarily transition to only use new paper or plastic grocery bags provided by stores as soon as feasibly possible.”

One thought on “The Latest Executive Order from Governor Sununu

  1. WalpolePlayers 03/22/2020 at 7:18 PM Reply

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the store employees wear gloves and ask customers to do their own bagging? They are still handling all the items being put into and taken out of the carts by the customers.


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