Selectboard Agenda – 10/8/20

Note the early start time of 5:30. While the public is welcome to attend, it should be noted that no new items for discussion will be addressed because of time constraints. – Lil



October 8, 2020


ACCOUNTS PAYABLE• Accounts Payable Check Register in the total amount of $91,533.46 for checks issued 10/09/2020

PAYROLL• Payroll Register totaling $31,821.11 dated 10/09/2020 and the 941 Payroll Tax Transfer of $6,376.61

SELECTBOARD MEETING MINUTES• Selectboard Minutes – October 1, 2020• Non-Public Selectboard Session – October 1, 2020

COMMITTEE REPORTS• Hooper Institute Board Meeting – September 3, 2020• Cemetery Trustees Meeting – September 16, 2020• North Walpole Village Commissioners Meeting – September 8, 2020• North Walpole Village Commissioners Meeting – September 15, 2020• North Walpole Village Commissioners Meeting – September 22, 2020

BUILDING PERMITS• 2020-40, Jill Robinson, 35 High Street, Map and Lot# 021-023-000• 2020-41, William & Kristen Whiton, 1405 County Road, Map and Lot# 003-038-003• 2020-42, Richard & Pamela Sponholz, 244 Wentworth Road, Map and Lot# 008-009-007• 2020-43, Douglas Thurber & Kirstin Anderson, 126 Old Keene Road, Map and Lot# 007-020-001

OLD BUSINESS• Notice to Dog Owners• Rec Area Parking Lot Deed and Sales Agreement• Recommendation Relative to Face Coverings• ARM Grant Site Visit• Response Letter from DOJ, Dept. of Charitable Trusts• War Memorial Repair Update• AFLAC Enrollment Meetings

Pending Further Actions

Reservoir Dam Repairs, Town Street Lights, Sewer Bond Comment Letter

NEW BUSINESS• November 3, 2020 Voting Warrant• EMPG Reimbursement Request Letter• Exercise Class Request for Use of Town Hall• Pinnacleview 4-H Reimbursement/Donation Request• 2021 Planning and Land Use Regulation Manual Order


**Any recording, audio or visual, and/or other devices must be declared at the beginning of the meeting**

2 thoughts on “Selectboard Agenda – 10/8/20

  1. Stephanie Heddon 10/08/2020 at 12:33 PM Reply

    Hi Lil,

    I saw somewhere (here or in the Clarion) that we should sign up in early October for the new Broadband services coming through Consolidated Communications. Do you know where we do this or who we can contact if we have questions? I called Consolidated today and they didn’t know what I was talking about.

    Thank you! Stephanie Heddon

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Lil 10/08/2020 at 12:59 PM Reply

      I haven’t heard that. Up perhaps someone else here might know. If we don’t get a response, you might want to call the Town Hall.


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