Clarion Now Online

NOVEMBER 2020 — NOW ON-LINEby Ray Boas

Yes, already the eleventh month of this most different year. But moving right along anyway, the November 2020 issue of THE WALPOLE CLARION is now on-line for you to browse and read. Your “hard copy” in now in the mail, and you should be receiving it in a day.

So, take a look — detailed Town news from Peggy, our student articles are back, the new Reuse Center is open, some “Turkey” information, and a reminder to vote. And, just in case, I have a post ready to send on Monday to remind you to VOTE TUESDAY NOVEMBER 3rd.


Our State Representative, Lucy Weber, is providing the community with important COVID-19 updates. She provides them to THE WALPOLEAN – a community blog. Since I am not providing as frequent updates as occur on THE WALPOLEAN, I encourage you to click on the links for the site, and sign up for email notifications – just as you have done for THE WALPOLE CLARION, or will do if you have not already done so.

Please take care, wear your masks, socially distance, stay well! RAY BOAS, Publisher

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