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Good news for us. Glad to hear that Walpole is well at least. Stay the course! – Lil

COVID by the Numbers—October 29 morning update

In Cheshire County, the 7 day average of cases per 100,000 has jumped from 1.9 to 3.0.  That rise is driven by the new cases reported on  October 26.  Of those 6 new cases, 3 are in one family in Hinsdale, and the Hinsdale police chief reports that they self-isolated early, have notified their contacts, and have had no contact with the schools.  He says they are doing well and no further information will be forthcoming.  1 of those 6cases was in Keene, and were in Rindge. On October 27, more cases were reported;  also in Jaffrey and Rindge. On October 28, we were back to 0 new cases.

Here’s the good news: Cheshire County has the lowest 7 day average of new cases in the state.  Hillsborough is at the top of the list, at 8.9.  And as of yesterday, October 28, both Walpole and Westmoreland were removed from the Active Cases map, so a couple of people have recovered.  Cheshire County currently has 24 active cases, down from a high of 27 a couple of days ago.  Active cases are located in Keene(10) Jaffrey(5) Rindge(5) Hinsdale(3) and Swanzey(1).

Not-so-good news:  Vermont has now restricted leisure travel from all NH counties—even though Vermont’s overall rate, at 3.6 is more than Cheshire County’s rate of 3.0, and our neighbor to the west, Windham County, is also higher than us, at 3.4.  Essential travel and travel for work are still allowed.

COVID Fatigue is a real thing.  Currently, along with youth hockey programs, the real spreaders in NH are people who let their guard down in small gatherings of family and friends.  So please hang in there, and go on using caution.

For those of you who are statistics buffs, Wendy Grossman just introduced me to a site that is new to me–Covid Act Now. ( )  In addition to new cases per 100,000, they also look at four other measures—infection rate, positive test rate, percentage of ICU beds used, and percentage of tracers hired.  I’m still working at wrapping my head around some of the extra numbers, but you can take a deeper look for yourselves.  Thank you, Wendy, for passing on this useful resource.

🎼🎶Wear your mask-even when keeping your distance, 

🎵🎶keep your distance, even when wearing your mask, 

🎵🎶wash your hands, 

🎵🎶and keep well.🎶

~Representative Lucy Weber

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