Clarion Deadline – 12/22/20


I realize you have enough to worry about with the holidays coming, uniquely coming while we must all avoid COVID, but it is time again, and I have begun my work on the January 2021 issue of THE WALPOLE CLARION. Closing date is a week from Tuesday – 22 December.

Again during the pandemic there is a scarcity of happenings, both past and future, to cover on our pages. The important thing is that we all remain safe, and essentially isolated for everyone’s health and well being. But sufficient submissions have been coming in the past months to provide you with nice balanced reading. Hopefully this one week notice will prod you to send along, by email, your submissions. Something to share: a news happening, a past happening, an item of interest. And, new advertisers are always welcome. Many of my advertisers have been with me for years – their ads work, and they are supporting the CLARION as a community project.

So, here is your deadline warning, and if you have any questions, do email me –

And please, Wear Your Mask, Practice Social Distancing, and Wash Your Hands.
Thank you, yours, RAY BOAS, Publisher

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