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Hi, all,

Sorry I’m late, but sometimes I just can’t look at the numbers anymore.


COVID by the Numbers—December 15 Edition

Hello, everyone.  I’ve been told I’m overdue for a report.  I hadn’t realized I was putting out reports so regularly that one would be missed.  Fact is, that the numbers here and elsewhere are so overwhelming that it’s hard to keep looking at them.  The newly elected Speaker of the NH House died last week; his Speaker Pro Tem, the position I held, is seriously ill.  At least one State House staffer is also ill.  I attended Organization Day in person, on the field at UNH, and participated in the coin toss with Speaker Hinch.  I’m 14 days out from that event now, and none of the contacts I had actually count as “close contact, but I have kept away from people, just in case.  And now, the numbers…

As of December 14, Walpole was down to 5 active cases, and total cases in Walpole went from 18 to 22.

Cheshire County had 214 new cases last week; up from 143 the week before.  One dreadful day 69 new cases were reported, but I am assuming that was due to catching up on a backlog of tests.  The daily average for the week is just over 30 cases a day.  The Cheshire County 7 day moving average for number of daily cases per 100,000 is at 43.6 as December 13, up from 24.6 at the beginning of December. Currently, the county has 246 active cases, up from 160 on December 1st.

Statewide, the 7 day moving average of daily cases per 100,000 is now 65.0, just above the national average of 64.0.  The state rate has more than doubled since December 1, when it was 31.1.  

Hospitalizations are at 252, down from a high of 258 on the 11th.

38 lives were lost last week, so no change from the week before.

Current active cases by town:  Keene-100, Swanzey-39, Jaffrey-19, Rindge-17, Chesterfield-8, Dublin-8, Gilsum-6, Hinsdale-6, Marlborough-6, Fitzwilliam-6, Walpole-5, Troy-5.

Towns with 1-4 cases: Westmoreland, Alstead, Marlow, Stoddard, Gilsum, Richmond, and Winchester. Harrisville, Roxbury,

Sullivan alone is at 0.

In these, the darkest days, please be kind and gentle with one another.

It’s really easy to be grumpy—I know I am.

Wear your mask, keep your distance, wash your hands,

Keep well.

~ Representative Lucy Weber lwmcv@comcast.net 603-499-0282.

Rep. Lucy McVitty Weber
217 Old Keene Road
Walpole  NH  03608

Cell: 603-499-0282

One thought on “Up-date From Lucy

  1. Susan Johnson 12/16/2020 at 8:49 PM Reply

    Thank you Lucy for reporting these troubling but important numbers. I’m sure it’s hard to always be writing bad news. I appreciate having this information.


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