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Notice – the fiber optic backbone in Walpole is now complete!

Any resident of Walpole/No Walpole/Drewsville who wishes may now get Consolidated’s high speed internet.

Installation fees? ….. No!

The Walpole Broadband committee wants to let Walpole residents know that there is no installation cost to install Fiber to your home.  We received the following from CCI in response to some questions. 

“Consolidated will not bill customers for the drop over 150′ as long as there is a defined path to the home that meets national electrical code.  This path would be an existing pole line or a useable conduit that runs from road to the home.  Locations that do not have a suitable path would need to arrange for third party installation of  conduit or pole access that traverses a customer’s private property.  There is no installation charge associated with a fiber connection from Consolidated Communications. “

Please check you statement after your installation and if there is a charge please contact their customer service.  • Pricing?

Consolidated’s prices have very recently been revised downward (rollout was the week of April 11). If you already have service from Consolidated, call them to take advantage of revised pricing.

If you are not currently a customer you may want to explore those revised prices.

Dennis Marcom for Walpole’s Broadband Committee

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