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COVID by the Numbers—April 25 Edition

Statewide, the seven day average of reported cases per 100,000,which was 32.4 last week, declined to an average of 23.8 as of Sunday the 25th. We had a high of 515 new cases reported on the 22nd, and a low of 235 new cases on the 19th. The number of reported currently active cases in the state fell below 3,000 for the first time this month, and now stands at 2,960. Hospitalizations in the state declined from 133 last week to 91 this week. There were 9 new deaths in the state this week, down from 13 last week.

In Cheshire County, the county average of reported cases was 19.0 last week, and that number has declined to 18.0 this week.  Our county rate is still the second lowest in the state, with only Sullivan County, at 15.9, being lower.  For the second week in a row, there were new deaths in Cheshire County this week, and 0 new hospitalizations.  The one county figure still rising is that there are currently 128 reported active cases in the county, up from 110 cases last week.

In Walpole, we have had only 2 new cases this week, up from 1 new case last week, and there remain 1-4 reported active cases in town.

Please continue to take good care of yourselves and each other.  Remember that even when fully vaccinated, there is a small chance that you might contract COVID, and if so, you could pass it on to others, especially if you have an asymptomatic case.

I am swiping from David Brooks of the Concord Monitor, who in turn swiped it from the New York Times, the concept of the 2 out of 3 rule.  The three best ways to avoid contracting or spreading COVID when you are with other people are masks, social distancing, and being outdoors.  Two out of the three adequately protects you, and protects others.  If you are indoors, mask and distance.  If you are outdoors, but less than six feet apart, wear a mask.  If outdoors and more than six feet apart, the mask is not necessary.

We have seen the devastation in India and in Ontario and other places when people let their guard down completely.  We need to ensure that does not happen here, so our businesses can fully reopen, and we can resume a more normal life.

Wear your mask, keep your distance, wash your hands, and keep well.

~Representative Lucy Weber


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