Selectboard Meeting Agenda – 4/29/21



April 29, 2021

Starting at 6:30 PM via Zoom. Visit -Town News for access info.


ACCOUNTS PAYABLE• Accounts Payable Check Register in the total amount of $XX,188.17 for checks issued 4/30/21

PAYROLL• Payroll Register totaling $28,239.40 dated 4/30/21 and the 941 Payroll Tax Transfer of $5,721.97

SELECTBOARD MEETING MINUTES• Selectboard Minutes – April 22, 2021• Non-Public Selectboard Session Minutes – April 22, 2021

COMMITTEE REPORTS• North Walpole Village District Commissioners’ Meeting – April 6, 2021• North Walpole Village District Commissioners’ Meeting – April 13, 2021• Planning Board Meeting – April 13, 2021• Zoning Board of Adjustment – April 21, 2021• Town of Walpole Safety Meeting – April 22, 2021

WARRANTS• Walpole Water Fees• Walpole Sewer Fees• North Walpole Sewer Fees

BUILDING PERMITS• 2021-18, Map and Lot# 008-015-001• 2021-19, Map and Lot# 002-005-000• 2021-20, Map and Lot# 012-011-000

TIMBER INTENT TO CUT• Map and Lot# 005-011-000

OLD BUSINESS• Vilas Bridge• Granite Curbing Donation for Elm Street• Snowmobiles and Whipple Hill Road• Letter to Exec. Counselor Warmington• Mascoma Loan Documents for new Police Vehicle• Pre-Payments Procedure• Arborist Evaluation of Trees on Common• Cannons on the Common Update

Pending Further Actions• Tax Deeded Property Sale, Mill Pond Dam Inspection, Reservoir Dam, Vilas Bridge, OHRV Signage Request for Whipple Hill Road, Houghton Brook Bridge, TrueNorth Networks Email Quote

NEW BUSINESS• 2020 Total Equalized Valuations• National Grid Herbicide Notice• Wantastiquet River Subcommittee• Anonymous Letter re: Barnett Hill Property• Hooper Hill Hoppers Snowmobile Club Thank-You Card


**Any recording, audio or visual, and/or other devices must be declared at the beginning of the meeting**

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