News from Burdick’s


And the house is the kitchens at Burdick’s.  

Our Walpole residents, Cheryl & Nicola Bencivenga decided to retire from the restaurant industry after 22 successful years in the business.  After three years away from the action, Nicola was eager to return to the kitchen.  Based on his close friendship with Wes Babb, Executive Chef at The Restaurant at Burdick’s, the idea of Nicola becoming a guest chef at Burdick’s was born. Today, The Restaurant at Burdick’s and the Walpole Grocery are extremely pleased that Nicola has become a part of our team where he is creating delectable gourmet delights. 

Currently, Nicola is working with the prepared foods program in the WG, and in the coming weeks, he will be featured in the RAB.  Please join me in welcoming Nicola to the Burdick’s family.  I encourage everyone to once again enjoy the delicious cuisine Nicola was famous for in the Monadnock region.

Tom Goins

Managing Partner & Co-Owner

The Restaurant at Burdick’s & Walpole Grocery

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