Power Committee Meeting Minutes – 2/15/22

You’ve been reading about the Power Committee and Sarah Downing is now able to share their minutes with The Walpolean. Hope this information helps keep you up-to-date (even though they are a month old). – Lil


FEBRUARY 15, 2022


Paul Looney, Chair, called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, in the Selectboard Office at Walpole Town Hall.

Present were Dennis Marcom, Rod Bouchard, Andrew Dey and Peggy Pschirrer. 

Absent were Steve Grenier and Patrick Kiniry.

Mr. Looney has recently attended the membership committee of CPCNH.  Three towns have submitted their Electric Aggregation Plans to the PUC and all three have been rejected.  The plans were rejected because the PUC has not completed their rule making. 

Keene’s plan has also been rejected and Harrisville’s was sent too early.

The Selectboard has the authority to modify an EAP after it has been accepted by the Town legislative body.

April Salas, Chair of CPCNH, has announced that Hanover is reaching out to large consumers in town by telling them they (Hanover) will be in the market as early a spring 2023.  She is asking what kind of load the company is carrying and basically marketing CPCNH.

Large consumers in Walpole may be LenTex, Chamberlin Machine, Bensonwoods.

We need an article in the CLARION.  Dennis Marcom will update the last article to include the Warrant article.   We will also include the Frequently Asked Questions which are on the Town’s website.

Our Public Meeting will be a Zoom meeting on February 23, 2022. Kara Dexter will be asked to manage the Zoom meeting.

It was agreed we need to include information on Net metering and be able to answer questions about Net metering.  Mr. Bouchard suggested we ask Henry Herndon to be available to explain net metering. Henry will be asked for suggestions or statements we can use for net metering.

Another person who may be able to help us is Dorie D.  She will know what other towns are doing.

Mr. Looney will be attending the CPCNH Board Metering this week where he will ask Cliff how net metering will be affected by this EAP.

Mr. Dey suggested that after Town Meeting we need to meet with Freedom and with Standard.

CPCNH needs funds to operate; until the rules are finished, they are limited in what they can do.

 Cheshire County has an “opt in” plan, not an “opt out” plan. 

Any costs which may be associated with the EAP will be paid by rate payers.  Cost sharing is among the rate payers, not the town.

Mr. Marcom will speak with Mr. Kiniry about another committee member who might attend from North Walpole.

Peter Palmiotto was suggested as another potential committee member.

The Committee will meet again in a public meeting on February 23rd to answer questions and urge the public to accept the warrant.

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