Town Election Results – 2022

Selectboard Cheryl Mayberry 397

Town Moderator Jack Wozmak 390

Town Treasurer David Adams 396

Trustee of Trust Funds Michael Collier 282

Supervisor of Checklist Tara Sad 410

Supervisor of Checklist Michele Gallagher 386

Zoning Board Myra Mansouri 242

Tom Winmill 246

Jan Galloway-LeClerc 308

Planning Board Dennis Marcom 316

Shane O’Keefe 195

Jeff Harrington 242

Cemetery Trustee John Sheldon 383

Library Trustee (3 year) Gail LaHaise 349

Tim Lester 346

Jean Kobeski 380

Library Trustee (2 year) Sarah Mann 381

Library Trustee (1 year) Erin Bowen 377

Article 2 (regarding signage) yes 354

no 60

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