Route 12 Closure – Up-date

Received this from Lucy. – Lil

Charlestown Route 12 Repair Update – March 15, 2022

Dear Elected Officials for Charlestown, Walpole and Claremont: 

My apologies for the delayed update.  A family matter arose and in my absence, a situation developed with the Charlestown Route 12 repairs.

We are disappointed to send this update, but need to advise you that unforeseen circumstances have developed which impact the project.  

Work to install the soil nail wall began the week of February 14, 2022.  As work was advancing, the track monitoring system registered excessive movement. This movement caused the Railroad to reduce speeds to 10 mph and to rescind the Railroad’s approval of the work to construct the soil nail wall.   High groundwater, fluctuating temperatures, and fractured underlying ledge are all contributing factors.  

Clearly, the Railroad would like to resume normal speeds and the Department would like to reopen the road as soon as safety allows.  The engineers are analyzing the situation and reevaluating design options, working towards a solution with the public’s and railroad’s safety and travel needs at the forefront.

I will keep you updated more frequently, as DOT continues to meet with the Railroad and works to develop a solution.  DOT remains committed to the end goal of safely reopening Charlestown Route 12.

My Best,


Kathleen Mulcahey-Hampson

Legislative Liaison

Senior Hearings Examiner, NHDOT

7 Hazen Drive

Concord, NH 03301


2 thoughts on “Route 12 Closure – Up-date

  1. Brenda Aldrich 03/16/2022 at 12:06 PM Reply

    This is indeed a disappointing event. Route 12 is vital to this side of the state without going into Vt. I feel if this event had occurred on the southeast side of the state it would have been well on the road to recovery. That area seems to get what it needs continually. Feeling like a poor relation in this NH family.


  2. Caitlin Caserta 04/03/2022 at 10:41 AM Reply

    I agree Brenda, we often seem to be forgotten about over here on this side of the state! The businesses in Charlestown are really suffering, so if we ever find ourselves on main street in Charlestown, we should try to support them if we can. Ralph’s Supermarket for example, has lost a ton of lunch business as trucks and travelers used to stop for a bite. 😦


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