Southwest R

Xheryl Mayberry, SWRPC Board of Directors member, forwarded this email for your consideration. They are hoping to get a good representation of opinion. – Lil

As you are no doubt aware, SWRPC is already working on a Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) for the Southwest NH Region. The RHNA will look in-depth at the housing needs of our Region across all income levels. Our work will include an analysis of the latest housing and demographic datasets as well as direct engagement with regional stakeholders. Ultimately, this project will identify and prioritize Southwest New Hampshire’s top housing issues and develop recommendations to address these issues. Our final product will contain tools, recommendations, and strategies for local decision makers to help plan for housing in their communities.

Community engagement is an important part of this project. In order to assess housing needs in our Region, we need to first understand residents’ needs and perceptions about housing. We have created a housing survey to collect responses for residents that you can access through this URL:

Please help us by taking this survey and distributing it through your network. You can share this survey with friends, colleagues, neighbors, or any resident of the Region. Simply copy and paste the URL into an email, text message, or social media post to share the survey.

More information is available at the RHNA project webpage:

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